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I’m back. After a hiatus, I have decided to get back to the blog. I am thinking that perhaps a daily or weekly sketch is in order, but I don’t want to be a slave to a schedule. So, I’m going to try this:

As I come up with material, either in sketch form, set plans, final products, etc. I will make sure to cross publish them here on the site. 

With that, I may also muse from time to time about art, theatre, etc. This is one of those times.

     My art is long overdue for a ramp up. I have been contemplating the fine line between commercial and fine art lately. My last post (two years ago) has me making fine art. But what is that anyway? Does a person have to define it in this day and age? Look at the work of Murakami and Koons who are considered contemporary fine artists. et, their art is produced in a factory setting and incorporates commercial portions. Is it a matter of the old term “selling out?” If so, I want to know how a person is to survive without selling her/his art? Do we not always have to play to an audience, a viewer, a patron. It has always been this way. If not a client, a patron, if not a patron, an institution, if not that, then a gallery. There is always someone at the other end of the art, even religious art has a clientele. 

So here is the first edition. I have been working for some time on drawing on my iPad, this is a sketch I completed playing with some painting techniques in Adobe Sketch. 

Drawn completely on an iPad, this is a pocket troll


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