Surprises at Every Turn

It seems to me that life is like what happens when a house of horrors meets a joyous, surprise birthday party. I know this sounds odd, but let’s think about this. Every second, around each corner whether it be a day-long, minute-long, decade-long corner, there is a surprise waiting for you. Every moving forward on a meandering path that at times is clear and distinct with joys and brightness then turn a corner and…


Until you reach the next corner. 

Morbid, right? No. Reflect on your life. The moments of cataclysmic horror are easily remembered, but they are usually presented in moments or a series of moments. Corners or turns if you will. In between those we have a choice. Let our eyes stay closed and remain in the darkness awaiting the next scare, or open up and take in the view of the party.

That party will go on with or without you. You can live in that moment open eyed and open hearted, or close your eyes and fear the next uncontrollable horror. Sure, staying open makes you susceptible to the darkness and the scary turns life can take, but with your eyes shut, you live blind to everything, good and bad.

So, walk the winding path. Don’t look for dark corners in which to dwell and live out your life. That is the real horror show. The party is only worth it when you are taking an active part in it. Whether it is a slow dancing formal ball, or a raucous night of club music and laughter, let the party carry you through the darkness and allow those times to be bearable. It can’t be all balloons and rainbows, but it can provide light in your heart to allow the ability to round the next corner and take that turn with confidence.

Enjoy your surprises! And just to shake it up a bit, take some unexpected turns. They lead to amazing things and new discoveries. 

Surprise! Open your eyes and take it all in. 

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