Broken Silences

 “We humans live in a fairy world, contrary to our belief that they live in ours.”

– Dr. Hermius Anstruther, 1898

Its own complete novel, Broken Silences begins this fantasy/altered history trilogy. The first 78,000 words of the series will leave young adult readers wondering, “Are humans or fairies the predominant species on Earth?”

It is a rare opportunity for a young man turning eighteen to learn first hand the reasons behind his father’s mistakes. For Cavan Anstruther, learning why his father disappeared ten years ago in 1908 after inadvertently beginning the Great War was an opportunity he’d rather have missed. Dr. Hermius T. Anstruther, Cavan’s father and a preeminent doctor of fairy science, discovered a truth the world had silenced. This controversial find contained in Dr. Anstruther’s lost journal made Darwin’s Origin of the Species seem like Genesis chapter one.

Cavan finds that he cannot escape his father’s legacy.  Through a whirlwind of accidents and fated occurrences he is led to follow his father’s quest to Ecuador after finding the journal that started it all.

Cavan’s adventure, will have him wrestle with loves, pains and personal doubt as he searches through the clues his father has left for him. Jules, his best friend and the young woman Cavan is falling for, Sonia, join him on this pursuit of the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of Cavan’s father. The investigation leads the three young students away from college in Providence, Rhode Island to Ecuador.

Religious fanaticism against Cavan’s father, abduction by airship mercenaries, and dozens of deaths define the journey. Having followed the quest his father laid out, Cavan must carry the message of these mysteries to a world at war not knowing whether it will stop the conflict or escalate into a fury of international destruction.