The general illustration gallery is an accumulation of work from both private commissions and personal work. As an illustrator and painter I work primarily in surreal subjects.

Much of my work involves angels. This obsession with what, according to myth, are creatures that are other-worldly. They are created by God but not in his image. As I explore these creatures through the years, colors and shapes have spoken to me within my paintings as seen in the more free-flowing ink studies painted in 2008.

I’ve also worked on mural and mask commissions which I’ve included to show a variety. These works are some that I take extreme pride in and enjoy as an offshoot of my illustration background. Like my theatrical set design and paint work, these hold a special place in my public work. I treat every piece as if it were an illustration, just on a larger 3D scale.

I was asked by a student recently, “What is your favorite medium?” I wasn’t quite sure how to answer this as I enjoy experimentation so much. I suppose that my preference has always been for graphite but as I began to paint more and more, I grew to love acrylics. Multiple layered washes, airbrushing, or using acrylic as the pasting medium for collage backgrounds brought a better understanding to me of letting paint be paint. Even though I am a fan of finite detail, with paint, my preferred method is to allow my brushstrokes to drive some compositional elements.

Please peruse the gallery and enjoy a breadth of styles that fall within my scope of what illustration can be.